Hospitality is one of the interior design industry’s largest and most important areas. Hospitality-focused interior designers in the UAE and throughout the world have noticed the change and have modified their designs to suit it. Hospitality interior design companies in Dubai serve a wide range of establishments, including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, opulent spas, country clubs, bars, and recreational areas. The largest portion of the hospitality sector comprises the hotel industry, which is a specialized and trained professional with high levels of involvement and rivalry. When planning and carrying out projects, interior designers who work with the hotel business must be considerate, accountable, and very process-oriented.

Design Haus Medy, a multi-award-winning interior design studio with years of experience in the hospitality industry, is a leader in the field of hospitality design. We continue to design timeless interiors of the highest standards for a client base of top hotel and resort brands worldwide, creating a reputation for creativity, uniqueness, and excellent taste.

Hospitality Design



The quality of service, interior design, and comfort are the key factors determining how popular any hospitality business is. The key to any hotel’s popularity and prosperity is comfort, gorgeous decoration, and good customer service. These three things can all be accomplished with a professionally designed layout. The attractive interior design considers the brand’s style, the convenience of staying and transporting guests, and an effective layout to boost staff quality of work.

Consequently, the foundation of a successful firm is planning and design. It would help if you had a trendy interior for your hospitality object to prevent losses and stand out from the competition. It must have unique characteristics that others lack. After that, visitors will keep returning to stay with you.



We are proud of our exceptional team of restaurant interior designers in Dubai, who have all given their best to execute projects of various sizes and types successfully. Our team is made up of extremely imaginative people who are not just enthusiastic about design and innovation but also have what it takes to develop and carry out high-quality projects with unique complications.

Hospitality Design



Behind all of this form and beauty are exacting architectural standards, laws, and regulations that must be followed in public spaces. We are highly effective at handling these procedures as one of the most skilled hotel architectural firms in Dubai.

One of the most crucial elements in determining the success of your hospitality business is the interior design created by a professional. Our skilled designers can expertly select the color scheme, decor components, and appropriate lighting, produce a skillful accent, and combine all the interior aspects, transforming discrete details into an amazing and detailed image.



Are you prepared to bring your vision for a hotel interior design project to life? Do you want to add a new, uniquely aesthetic appeal to your hotel or restaurant? We have committed ourselves to bring hotel industry businesses’ ideas to life and have worked hard to produce outstanding results. We are available to take care of all aspects of your commercial space, including the facilities, common hotel areas, guest rooms, and more. Additionally, we carefully consider lux calculation, smart space utilization to assure functionality, and lighting design. The best part is that we do all we do with elegance and style.

We have what it takes to offer flawless results and to do so with a straightforward attitude to create a long-lasting business connection with you, regardless of whether you choose modern interiors for your hotel or a more sophisticated approach to interior design for your restaurant. Get in contact with our interior design experts right now if you want a special experience while improving the look and feel of your hotel business.