Landscape Design

Our professional landscape designers work creatively to have original and various landscape designs to choose from for your property.

They not only give the best landscape designs in Dubai and ideas but also work day and night to make sure that the project is perfection and client objectives are met.

DHM has already serviced and provided landscape design consultancy to clients from all over the UAE such as Dubai, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Sharjah.



Landscape design concerns the planning, design, administration, and care of both constructed and natural environments. Landscaping is a significant factor in improving your home’s charm and sense of well-being. It gives the appearance that the resident fully owns their residence and works tirelessly to keep it maintained. With their unique abilities, landscape architects seek to enhance the well-being of people and the environment in all communities. They provide designs for parks, campuses, streetscapes, plazas, homes, and other community-building projects.

Landscaping may enhance the appeal of your property by making it appear more natural and organic. Your landscaping outside the home is in good hands since we are the top landscape design contractor in UAE with a competent staff with years of experience handling landscape designs with many satisfied clients. As one of the leading landscaping companies in the area, we offer top-notch landscape services in Dubai. Nothing matches a well-kept lawn in front of your house for luxury and elegance. We design a beautiful landscape to surround your property.



Our qualified landscape designers use their creativity to provide unique and varied landscape designs from which you can select for your property. They not only offer the best landscape designs and concepts in Dubai but also put in endless hours of effort to ensure that the project is flawless and the client’s objectives are reached.

landscape design



Design Haus Medy is known for generating work of unsurpassed quality, uniqueness, and precision. We have a long history of being the most dependable and reputable landscape design company in the UAE. We offer landscaping services such as exterior restoration, garden design and maintenance, grass design and maintenance, and more. Your satisfaction is everything to us. In order to maximize the effectiveness of our services, we adopt a collaborative and consultative strategy in which we value your suggestions and blend them with our originality. We employ a design method that guarantees no resource wastage, excellent design, and a significant impact. As a result, our landscaping suggestions won’t just impress you; they’ll also keep the exterior of your property looking good for a very long time.



To provide our clients with a comprehensive solution, we pool our many years of knowledge and talented team of designers. For projects ranging from modest residences to more extensive properties, we specialize in integrating lovely and practical swimming pools and complete landscape solutions. We are Dubai’s leading landscape firm. It is the most reputable brand and has given customers excellent landscaping services in the United Arab Emirates. As the best landscaping firm in Dubai, customer happiness has always come first. We have worked tirelessly to provide consistently superior quality service because we are committed to forming lasting connections with our valued clients.



 At Design Haus Medy, we know that successful projects include excellent design, high-quality components, and constant attention to detail. We have an excellent reputation in Dubai because we focus on and value every project from the beginning to the conclusion. Each design captures the distinct personality of the customer, the location, and the available funds. 

We offer top-notch landscaping services and have years of experience. Our work is always distinctive. We take on all projects of equal priority, regardless of size. We take great pride in having the top landscape architects and other professionals working for us. Garden landscaping is our specialty, and we offer the most delicate designs, constructions, and gardening services in Dubai. We will ensure that our team of landscape builders and garden designers keeps you informed about the project at all times.

If you want a unique experience while enhancing the appearance and feel of your hotel business, get in touch with our landscape design specialists right away.