Landscaping is a vital part of improving the aesthetics and comfort of your home. It gives the idea that the resident owns their home and works hard to keep them in good shape. Landscape

architects use their unique expertise to improve people’s and the environment’s well-being in all communities. They design parks, campuses, streetscapes, plazas, homes, and other community-building projects.

Landscaping may enhance the appearance of your property by making it look more natural and organic. We are the leading contractor in the UAE with a competent crew with years of experience in landscape design with many various types of plants, so your landscaping outside the home is in good hands.


Dubai is a city of lights and an important worldwide shopping destination. However, because there are so many cafés, pubs, and restaurants scattered around the city, every traveler enjoys exploring new spots. Restaurants are becoming more than just places to dine; they are destinations—a one-stop shop for food and beverage company interior design. DHM offers a qualified team of designers and project managers who can carry out your F&B interior designs requirements to represent exactly what you want your consumers to experience.

The surroundings influence a better dining experience in addition to the cuisine’s appeal. As a result, you must collaborate with a reputable restaurant interior design firm capable of producing the appropriate design for your establishment.


Recent trends have highlighted regional design, lifestyle hotels, and lively public areas. We enjoy it and want to focus on it. With the assistance of our design team, we are committed to accomplishing cutting-edge hotel design projects. Because we act as the principal interior architects on our projects, we always ask our clients to be open-minded so that we may push the boundaries of contemporary hotel interiors. The most revolutionary development right now is the adoption of modern technology. The modern visitor expects all of their needs to be addressed. As a result, we must include technology in our designs. DHM understands that customers like to spend their money on experiences rather than merely food and drink. The proper décor can create the finest backdrop for mingling, appreciating the debate, personalities, and individuals, as well as meals and beverages.

Furthermore, if new needs arise, the appropriate design can provide distinct locations for formal and informal eating, providing guests with high-quality table service or space similar to a café or bar.


We aim to provide your business with a unique and tailored experience, from branding and layout to a full interior design. Calming, exciting, passionate, or out of the ordinary. Whatever the request, we want to provide you and your company with the greatest experience possible. Understanding the essential components of restaurant design is critical to our projects. We keep utility at the heart of every project because we understand how difficult it is to balance optimizing seating configuration and ensuring a creative and inspiring environment. We are one of Dubai’s leading F&B interior design businesses, focusing on designing elegant and functional spaces. Our competent, inventive, and professional restaurant interior fit-out packages promote simplicity, elegance, and functionality throughout the design process. Contact our interior design consultants immediately if you want to create a one-of-a-kind experience while improving the look and feel of your business.